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I have been involved with the Internet since 1995. I began by using 20 years experience in the flooring industry to provide web sites and web content for the industry. My partner and I were the first to bring the leading trade journal from print to the Internet and then consulted with many flooring businesses as most created their own sites in this new medium for them.

In 2001 I became the sole operator as my partner took a very nice corporate offer. I have since been providing web sites to new start-up companies and most often contracting to provide webmaster services. You will find I can also provide most any other Internet related services for you and/or your business.

Recent Affiliates

Some of the recent companies I have affiliated with are, which sells affiliation programs to existing web sites. Their programs help webmasters to generate additional income from visitors to their web sites. Another is They are The Chamber of Commerce for many electronic stores. They represent the E-Commerce industry to the public consumer. This is a new and interesting concept that is needed because of the creation of the Internet. There is also which is a company that matches advertisers to many of the new "Blogs" on the Internet. "Blogging" is new type of web site currently sweeping the Internet. Blogs give us all the opportunity to create our own spot in the Cyber World where we can express our personal views or share interests with anyone wishing to visit with us on the Internet.

Start Today!

You should have a website making money for your business right this minute while you're reading this. Don't hesitate, you're losing money while you delay. Call Today or send an email and we can get started within hours.

You may have a new business. If so, you should surely have a presence on the Web. It may be called the "World-Wide" web but it also reaches into almost every home in your town or city, which makes it a very "local" web. It is a very good vehicle to use for letting people know who you are and what you can provide.

You will need a Webmaster and/or someone to maintain your site. You'll need to keep it updated and there will be changes to be made on a regular basis. I can provide those services and many others such as Tutoring, Advertising ideas, Search engine listings and Linking Services. You will become experienced with the Internet and will become familiar with the many other features and options available to you on the Internet. I am familiar with and have experience with many programs. I can share that experience with you. It will be a great investment for you with a sure return. Be sure to contact me with any questions or ideas you might wish to explore.

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