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There are many tools available for your web site. If you own a "Brick and Mortar" business such as a retail store or any type of business in a building in your community there are tools available that can provide many sorts of data for your website which are not so easily applied to your established business. However with your web site operating much of the data provided through the Internet can be applied to both your established operation "and" your web site. This gives you a more comprehensive view of your "full" operations.

What are these tools?

Your website can track the number of visitors you've had at your business right down to the very last hour. It can tell you which products the customers were interested in. It will even tell you how much time they spent checking that product. Your site can tell you where the customer came from such as a referral, a competitor, another website or from advertising? All this information can be applied to your existing operations with the correct software. You can link your business to others and begin reciprocal referrals or coordinate sales All the time building profiles of each of your customers allowing you to "know" your customers and showing you exactly what your customers interests are. These are powerful sales tools which put you out in front of your competition. Information translates into sales and the growth of your business.